The Art of the Art business

June 3, 2016

An artists path forward as told by a New Yorker in the Financial Industry.

The writer was wandering around a gallery opening in New York where I met a man who’s business was in finance. We got talking about finance and art. That led onto artists making a successful career from art-in New York or anywhere else. I went back to my hotel that night and jotted down what he said…

Get in with a group of rich friends, business people in any environment, professionals, and find a good agent.
Well connected people who like your work will invite other well connected people. Get connected to get known, not just to an art environment or other artists. Art is a business.
In his opinion an average to good artist will go better with initiative than a really talented artist (with no initiative).
EMOTIONS ARE THE BIG DRIVER for people to do thing he says, right down to food, love and shelter. ( His business is based on it, although difficult to put into words.)
With his business he listens very carefully to his clients,- all along finding an emotional “lead” into what they say, including investing in art.
The high priced end of the art market he says sells better than the middle to lower end because of money and connections. Peter.