Art Students League, New York

May 7, 2016

The Art Students League in New York is located on West 57th Street. A grand building of four stories high and a substantial basement area for sculpture. It was set up in 1875 by artists for artists based on the French Atelier system….artists teaching students in a studio environment. It’s now in its 142 year serving local and overseas artists.

There are morning, afternoon and evening classes in painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, mixed media and welding. Part of its long term success is the low fees charged to artists. This is how it works! Firstly you have to get a student card. Then fees are paid for any course you want with any teacher of your choosing. Just walk in but be advised to book about 2 to 3 weeks ahead on monthly courses as they are extremely popular. Fees are the equivalent of $220 American a month for 5 days a week. Of that time the teachers are on hand only 2 days. The monitors, of which many have been there for years, help run the studio when the teacher isn’t there, and sometimes take over the teaching themselves.

Some classes are at the weekend mainly to incorporate the intensive based workshops.These weekend workshops are for 16 hours of basically one on one tuition, realizes you alot of knowledge. Some go for a week and more.
If for some reason you cannot fulfill your daytime obligations and leave you are entitled to a percentage back of your tuition fees for that month. Some courses are part time at lower rates.

There is an art shop on the premises with all the materials you could want.. There have been many famous artists that have been either a student or a teacher that have gone through the Art Students League, in fact, many of Americas best artists. Australia could well duplicate what they have achieved having done courses there myself. The Art Students League New York is on the Internet with all the info you could want.

Interested in contacting them.?Phone 0011 1 212 247 4510 will connect you straight through, not forgetting the time zones.