Artist’s statement

The human condition is embedded in almost everything I do, predominant art subjects being the female figure, portraiture and figure in the landscape. My aim is to induce an emotional response in the viewer through line and colour in an intuitive and gestural working manner.

The subject matter isn’t as important as the feeling I am trying to get across with the work. I distort and exaggerate my line work, displace colour to take it out of a realistic mode and push artistic norms as far as possible to evoke an individual style and message. Surprising outcomes are achieved by deliberately making what I call considered mistakes plus random mark making as starting points in some works. This approach often yields an unexpected result later in the work. I try to maintain a primitive vigour and sense of urgency in the work I do.

Artists who have influenced my thinking are Toulouse Lautrec, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Edvard Munch, Marlene Dumas, Alice Neel, Neo Rauch, Paul Cezanne and Tal R.

I call the work I do Neo-Portraiture Expressionism. Not only does the human figure provide fascinating subject matter, but in mastering the human figure so many other areas open up from that exploration.

Painting and drawing are the main areas I work in but installation, monoprints and etching embody what I do. My exhibition work has been based in Australia but include three solo shows in New York at Ceres gallery in the Chelsea art district.

My work is on Instagram at- peterwalkerartist; Saatchi Online/peter walker phillip island; and Facebook /peter walker and peter walker artist.

A no-obligation viewing of my studio work in Cowes, Phillip Island can be arranged by calling +613 5952 6492. Local and overseas visitors welcome.