Art Gallery Exhibitions

Peter is represented in private collections in Australia, France, England and The United States of America

Group Exhibitions

Victorian Artists’ Society, East Melb.1975-1979
Avant Galleries, Sth. Yarra, 1976
Caulfield Art Centre, Caulfield 1978
Clive Parry Galleries, Beaumaris 1979
Centenary Exhibition, Exhibition Buildings 1980
Ivan Hutchinson Award, Cheltenham 1985
Contemporary Art Society. Sth. Yarra 1986-1990
Alice Prize, NT. 1987, 1988
Eclectic Easel, Fitzroy 1989
Sky Gallery, Fitzroy 1989
Reflections Gallery, Canterbury 1989
Gretz Gallery, Albert Park 1989-1999
Gallery Huntly Canberra, 1989/90
Chapman Gallery, Canberra 1989
Graham Gallery, Wollongong 1989
Gretz Gallery/DDB Needham, Private View/3
1st Australian Contemporary Art Fair,
Exhibition Buildings, Melbourne
2nd Australian Contemporary Art Fair,
Exhibition Buildings, Melbourne
Andres Contemporary Art, Singapore, 1997/8
L’homme et les 4 saisons. Puget-Theniers, France 1998
Solander Gallery, Canberra. 1999-2005
Salamanca Art Centre, Hobart 2000
Contemporary Art Australia, Sth. Yarra 1990-2003
Despard Gallery. Hobart. 2000/2001
The Oakhill Gallery. Mornington 2001
“New Energies”. Gippsland. 2001
Gretz Gallery. Albert Park Oct.2003
Mingara Gallery. Phillip Island Jan/Feb 2004
East Gippsland Art Gallery. Bairnsdale, Vic Feb.2004
Steps Gallery. Carlton April 2004
Bird’s Gallery, Kew. Feb 2005
Oak Hill Gallery, Oct.2005
Coalfields Art Gallery Oct/Nov/Dec.2005. Aug 2006
Bird’s Gallery, Kew. Feb.2006
Gallery Nineteen, Tilba Tilba NSW, Nov 2006
Mingara Gallery, August 2008
The Hub, Acquisitive Art Award, Inverloch 2011
Saraghi Art Space. Phillip Island. April 2013
Your Art Collection. Cowes, Phillip Island. Sept 2013
Cowes Contemporary. Cowes, Phillip Island. June 2014
Saraghi Art Space. Cowes, Phillip Island. September 2015
Saraghi Gallery. Cowes, Phillip Island, June 2017

One Man Exhibitions

The Place, Toorak Village, 1976
Truffles Gallery, Prahran, 1977
Victorian Artists’ Society. East Melb. 1979
The Russell Davis Gallery, Armadale 1984
Contemporary Art Society, Sth Yarra 1987
Gretz Gallery, Albert Park 1989
Gretz Gallery, Albert Park 1995
Contemporary Art Australia, Sth Yarra 1995
Carlton Gallery, 1997
Contemporary Art Australia, Sth. Yarra May 2000
Contemporary Art Australia, Sth. Yarra Sept. 2001
Gippsland Regional Art Gallery. Sale Nov. 2003
Oakhill Gallery. Mornington, April 2005
The Framers Gallery. Hawthorn July 2006
Birds Gallery, Kew, September 2008
Mingara Gallery, Phillip Island, 2008
Birds Gallery, Kew, October 2009
Ceres Gallery, New York, 2010
Mingara Gallery, Phillip Island 2011
SoArt Gallery, Narooma NSW, 2011/12
Saraghi Art Space. Phillip Island. April 2012
Ceres Gallery, New York. 2012
Birds Gallery. Kew. July 2013
Saraghi Art Space, Phillip Island. 2014
Saraghi Art Space, Phillip Island. 2015
Ceres Gallery, New York, 2015
Saraghi Gallery, Phillip Island, 2016
Saraghi Gallery, “Portraits”, March/April, 2018
Ceres Gallery, New York, Nov. 2018

Galleries that represent or carry Peter’s work:


> Birds Gallery

Phillip Island
> Leeson Street Gallery

>Saraghi Gallery

General Enquiries

Ceres Gallery, New York.
Gitler&____ , New York




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Prizes & Honorable Mentions

December Prize Show, Contemporary Art Society.
1st prize with a painting entitled “Primordial
Sydney x 200”, 1988. Judge Lesley Dumbrell.

Annual Prize Exhibition at Contemporary Art Society, 1987. National Gallery Judge, Jane Clarke. Honorable mention.

Annual Prize Exhibition, Contemporary Art Australia, 2002. Judge David Bradshaw, Director. McClelland Art Gallery. Honorable mention.

ASPI Art Exhibition 2002. Second Prize with a painting titled “Swan Lake, Phillip Island”. Judge Paul Satchel.

ASPI Art exhibition 2004. Highly recommended with a drawing titled “Artists I admire”. Judges John Hatfield, Phillip Faulkes.

Annual Prize Exhibition. Contemporary Art Australia, 2004. Judge Simon Ambrose, Director McClelland Gallery. 1st Prize with a painting titled “A quiet moment”

ASPI Art Exhibition Nov. 2005
1st prize. portraiture section with a painting of Merv Lincoln, Olympian.

1st prize, with a painting “untitled”, CAA annual exhibition 2005 , judge Jeffery Edwards, Director, Geelong Gallery

ASPI Art Exhibition Nov. 2007
2nd prize with an installation titled ‘Phillip Island Rocks’. Judge: Jenny Plunkett.

ASPI Easter Exhibition. Sponsorship prize; 1st Prize with an installation titled ‘911 encaptured’. In collaboration with Martin Rutherford. Judge: Marlene Fisher.

ASPI November 2010 Art Exhibition. 1st Prize, Bass Coast Acquistive Art Award. Judge: Dr Colleen Morris.

ASPI November 2012 Art Exhibition, 1st. Prize, Bass Coast Acquisitive Art Award. Judge Rodney Forbes.

Corinella  Art Show 2015. “Best in Show”. Judge John Adam.

San Remo Art & Photographic Show. Best non-traditional. Judge David Taylor.