New York Art Galleries 2015

May 18, 2016

NEW YORK ART GALLERIES.Report from December 2015. If you browse through these galleries below you’ll get a good idea of how the art scene is at the moment. Nothing stood out as an art movement or even one media over another this time around. These galleries are the most consistent overall of the several visits I have made. They are mainly situated in the Chelsea area of New York. The List! Gagosian Gallery, David Zwirner, Michael Werner, Cheim and Read, Anton Kern, Forum Gallery, Jenkins Johnson, Mixed Greens, Jack Shainmann Gallery, Paul Kasmin Gallery, Nancy Hoffman gallery, ACA Galleries, Hauser and Wirth. These galleries are leading contemporary galleries, each showing a different style of work. To flex their muscles the big leading galleries have huge spaces to say “I’m important and I want you to know it!”. Not only do they want to make a big statement by the size of the work, they want to make a powerful emotional statement as well. The big galleries have guards or “pointers”, not so much to guard against anything that could be stolen, but to say on another level that the work is expensive. Very few galleries announce their prices on the wall next to the work, or for that matter have red dots for sold work. So, the only people who ask for the price of a particular work have the money to buy.  

But let me say just because these galleries and work is on a large scale, they’re the best. Not so. There are hundreds of galleries in New York and some small space galleries have equally good artists that haven’t hit the public imagination yet.